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We're thrilled by the outpouring of support we've seen in just a week! We thank our friends, family members, and colleagues for backing SapphirePine on Kickstarter. Check out our Kickstarter video to learn more about our inspiration, mission, products, and our founders, and why we're now working to raise $19,500 to help increase our impact.

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If you like what SapphirePine is doing, please consider backing us today. We have special gifts--SapphirePine coasters, bread boards, furniture and more--to thank you for your becoming part of the SapphirePine solution.

With many thanks for your interest, enthusiasm, and support,

Sam and Sandra

Introducing the SapphirePine Design Product Line

We've had a blast this summer designing and building furniture prototypes and customer orders (don't worry--we've also had plenty of outdoor time in California forests and parks!). We're so excited to introduce to you our SapphirePine Design line of dining tables, benches, coffee tables, and side tables!

Without further ado...

We want your furniture to reflect your personality, so when you choose a SapphirePine Design, we partner with you to customize your piece to meet your individual tastes and needs.

We start with your table top or bench surface. Once we know whether you want live edges or straight edges, we hand-select the perfect kiln dried slab, and set to work cutting, smoothing, and finishing it (with your choice of satin varnish or glossy epoxy--both eco-friendly) to maximize its beauty and durability.

All our SapphirePine tables and benches stand on sturdy locally fabricated steel bases and legs. You'll select from a variety of shapes, and then pick the color and sheen of their finish.

The result: a uniquely beautiful piece that both transforms your space, and helps California forests and communities at the same time!

To start your order or learn more, please contact us today at hello@sapphirepine.com or 510-671-1027!

We look forward to bringing a SapphirePine Design into your home or work space.


Welcome to SapphirePine

Thank you for visiting our new site! We're so excited to share our story with you. It starts out a little dark, but please stick with us to find out how you can help turn a big problem into a stylish solution.

The Problem

The historic California drought and a tiny bark beetle have killed more than 102 million of California's iconic Sierra Nevada pines. The dry trees are a major wildfire risk to local communities and a serious safety hazard to people who live, work and play in Sierra forests. Left to rot in the forest, the dead pines threaten to emit tons of carbon dioxide our climate just can't afford.

Our Inspiration

When we learned about these risks, we wanted to take action to protect the California communities and landscapes we love.

And when we saw that a natural process imbues the wood with strikingly unique blue, green, and orange hues, we knew we had to introduce it to Californians who love high-quality, contemporary furniture, and want to make a difference.

We named the stunning wood SapphirePine. We can't wait to share it with you in our upcoming premium SapphirePine furniture line.


We hope you'll stay tuned as we provide updates about how you can bring SapphirePine into your life to transform your home while you help transform California's landscape. 

We see this as an adventure, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

-- Sam and Sandra
The Sapphire Pine Team