SapphirePIne is the first venture transforming California trees killed by drought and bark beetle into stunning furniture and milled wood products. By showcasing the woods natural blue, orange, and green highlights in our designs, we provide an eco-friendly and design-driven way to transform your home and help California forests at the same time.

The Inspiration

Drought and a deadly bark beetle have turned 102 million Sierra Nevada trees from green to brown.

Left standing, the trees burn or rot in the forest, emitting massive amounts of climate-changing gases into the atmosphere.

We love California’s forests.

That’s why we founded SapphirePine.

The Art of Nature

There’s something really special about this pine: natural processes imbue the wood’s grain with striking blue patterns.  

That’s why we call it SapphirePine.


The Design Solution

We’re so inspired by this wood’s unique beauty. If you love design and making a difference, we can’t wait to share it with you. 

That’s why we’ve launched SapphirePine. Our line of premium, contemporary furniture with a decidedly industrial edge, is handcrafted in Oakland from SapphirePine and steel – sturdy works that bring warmth and style to your living or work space.

Style with a story. Style as a solution.